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Curious to know what happens at a bridal trial?

The bridal trial appointment serves the purpose of sampling different hair styles. My hope is that we will find the perfect style that is detailed and catered to you! We will take photos to ensure satisfaction on your wedding day.


Is a bridal trial Required?

No, a bridal trial is not required, but highly recommended! 

I believe the trial helps you lock in your look for your wedding day, it will help you feel more prepared, and less stressed on the day of because you already have an idea for how your hair will look!

How much is a trial and when can I book?

Each trial is $160 and 120 minutes long. You can schedule online through Vagaro, or when you are booking your wedding.


I like to do trials about a month from your wedding date.
By then, you have a pretty good idea what style you are thinking!

What should I bring to my trial?

Please bring all hair jewelry, veils, hair extensions, or any other accessories you might be wearing in your hair on your wedding day. I also recommend wearing a white shirt, and having your makeup done. This will help us capture the full look!

Can anyone come to my trial with me?

While we love our friends and family, they also can be the most opinionated people we know. I suggest coming alone to your trial, and don't worry -we will get plenty of pictures to show your friends and family. I want to know what YOU want, not what great aunt Sally wants!


Can I have a trial before I book?


Absolutely! I know booking hair for your wedding is an investment and you want to make sure we are a good fit! Keep in mind that each Bridal Trial is $160 per 120 minute appointment.


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